Introduction to Forming - Printed Booklet

Introduction to Forming - Printed Booklet

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Want to know more about Forming? This full-color 12-page booklet is designed to give you a great preview the Forming training, including what makes Forming so unique, and a brief overview of each of the twelve sessions.

If you are leading a Christian organization of any size -- from a home group to a mega-church -- you will want to know what Forming offers you personally, as well as what it offers everyone in your particular setting. This booklet is intended to provide you with enough information to decide if Forming is right for you.

(Please understand that while we are offering this booklet free of charge, due to the cost of producing such a quality document we need to limit the number of copies we can send with each order. We would also request that you include this item with another purchase in order to help us defray the costs. Thank you.)

We also offer this booklet as a downloadable PDF so you can print your own copies. Please see the product titled "Introduction to Forming - PDF"