Munchies: Volume 13

Munchies: Volume 13

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Belonging is one of the most problematic topics in the Life Model teaching. First, because most people assume that belonging is something that others are supposed to do for them and no one can find people who can give them enough belonging. Second, the "seeker sensitive" church movement assumed that people who come to church are seeking belonging only to find out recently that finding belonging is not what attracts a crowd. Wilder demonstrates in this series that belonging is something people create around them until they are damaged by type A or B traumas. Even the weak and the stranger are expected by scripture to create belonging around them. Creating belonging around you is your normal function. Restoring our natural function is object of the Thriving Recover Your Life class called "Belonging." These lessons give the biblical background for our program design.

Recordings on this CD: (Listen to a Sample)

Creating Belonging  
Creating Belonging Part 1 57 min.
Creating Belonging Part 2 42 min.
Creating Belonging Part 3 53 min.
Grace and Favor 47 min.
Loving People God Gives Us 47 min.
Preparing Elijah 51 min.
Singing 49 min.
Thanks for the Blessing 50 min.

(6.6 hours of teaching 2007)