Munchies: Volume 14

Munchies: Volume 14

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One of the great shocks for many Christians today is that high profile leaders can crash and burn regardless of how good their teaching and theology might be.

In this amazing series, Wilder addresses how leaders are formed as well as how to deal with bad leaders. Whether you are a leader or need to find one, you will have your sights adjusted.

Recordings on this CD: (Listen to a Sample)

Hirelings to Shepherds  
Doing it Right 56 min.
Crooked Arrows 48 min.
Leadership Issues in Corinthians 50 min.
Part 1 Nuts a 45 min.
Part 2 Nuts b 50 min.
Part 3 Shame 52 min.
Part 4 Bad Leaders a 45 min.
Part 5 Bad Leaders b 50 min.
Jesus Last Breath 47 min.
Thriving and Grass 51 min.

(over 8 hours of teaching 2008)