Munchies: Volume 19

Munchies: Volume 19

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Western Christianity has been deeply influenced by two factors: 1) medieval psychology that is no longer believed by anyone but was used to form theology and, 2) Voluntarist philosophy makes "choices" and "right thinking" the solutions to all human and spiritual problems. Voluntarist philosophy and medieval psychology have had an intense effect on how the Bible has been translated into English and no where is this more obvious than when the Bible speaks of the human body. In this series Wilder looks at the functions of the 10th cranial nerve that controls our relationship functions and bodies and reveals some surprising truths about what our bodies tell us about God and relationships.

Recordings on this CD:

Munchies Vol 19  
Bible and Body Part 1 45 min.
Bible and Body Part 2 41 min.
Bible and Body Part 3 46 min.
Bible and Body Part 4 47 min.
Bible and Body Part 5 38 min.
Bible and Body Part 6 35 min.
Bible and Body Part 7 42 min.
Peace Makers 22 min.

5.3 hours of teaching 2009)