Munchies: Volume 20

Munchies: Volume 20

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Munchies Volume 20 - Loving

The title "Loving" may seem a strange one for this teaching set until you realize that the topics here are the basis for the Thriving Recovery module called by the same name. This set of lessons is a great blend of the three main characteristics of the Life Model. 1) Multigenerational community is the focus of Fruit From Young Trees. 2) Immanuel healing is demonstrated, explained and the results documented in the two Immanuel lessons. 3) Relational skills and the centrality of good relationships forms the backbone of the three lessons on nakedness in scripture. We are sure you have not seen nakedness this way before. The first and last lessons from this CD have been added to a lesson by Chris Coursey and duplicated in a normal CD format on a disk called Share Immanuel.

Recordings on this CD:

Immanuel and Hymns 21 min.
Fruit From Young Trees 29 min.
Nakedness Part 1 35 min.
Nakedness Part 2 39 min.
Nakedness Part 3 34 min.
Plowshares Into Swords 33 min
Share Immanuel 35 min.

(3.75 hours of teaching 2010)