Munchies: Volume 4

Munchies: Volume 4

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Toxic hope and how to give up the hopes that are killing you leads the parade of interesting topics collected in this volume. What to do with the command to "Honor your father and mother" if parents were abusive, criminal and dangerous is another gem. Jesus' puzzling command to sell your cloak and buy a sword also makes sense in the context of getting rid of yeast for Passover and neuroscience. You will see life differently after this series on acting like yourself.

Recordings on this CD: (Listen to a Sample)

Redeemed of the Lord 44 min.
How to use your money to buy a good welcome into heaven 39 min.
How to give up what you are hoping for 45 min.
Small things -- the life of Margaret 38 min.
Acting like yourself  
Part 1 Buy a sword 47 min
Part 2 Judges in Israel 57 min.
Part 3 Getting rid of chametz 59 min.
Honor your father and mother but don't honor fools 57 min.

(6.4 hours of teaching 2005)