Munchies: Volume 8

Munchies: Volume 8

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The "sark" also called the "flesh" is quoted in Scripture and sometimes mistaken for God's thoughts. We can also read Scripture with our flesh and get the wrong message as well. God does not prevent us from becoming overwhelmed or broken but can keep us from sinning. Explore some of the difference between Old and New Testaments. Discover the transformations that God built into life and maturity along with those that are part of salvation from what has gone wrong in our lives.

Recordings on this CD: (Listen to a Sample)

Heart and Sark  
--Part 1 Sark Speak in Scripture 58 min.
--Part 2 Opposite Instructions in Scripture 56 min.
Successful Outcomes - A Way of Escape 61 min.
Our Cravings - Addiction and Fasting 51 min.
Why God Changed - The Baptism of John and Jesus 53 min.
Brain Overload - Overwhelmed 66 min.
--Part 1Transformations God Requires 60 min.
--Part 2 Looking Seedy 66 min.

(7.9 hours of teaching 2006)