Munchies: Volume 9

Munchies: Volume 9

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Wilder challenges the pat answers that most Christians have on divorce and gives the class some actual test cases to try their hand at applying scripture. The series includes several great lessons for seniors and finishes with a new look at rocks that will have you rethinking how you read scripture - even the common stories like David and Goliath.

Recordings on this CD: (Listen to a Sample)

Divorce, Widows, and Old Age  
Divorce 1 58 min.
Divorce 2 56 min.
Finishing Well 1 61 min.
Finishing Well 2 51 min.
Fear Based Decisions 53 min.
Matthew Screwed Up His Life 66 min.
Widows and Ravens 60 min.
Rocks 66 min.

(7.4 hours of teaching 2007)