Preview Restarting: Join the revolution of hope!

Preview Restarting: Join the revolution of hope!

  • $10.00

Free copies available to qualified organizations within the US.

Shepherd’s House Inc. is pleased to provide a complimentary copy of this compelling DVD to any organizations in the US who are interested in recovery from trauma, addiction and character weakness.  Click this link to download a request form. The form must be downloaded, filled out, and emailed to 

This 43 minute DVD includes Ed Khouri’s compelling presentation on The Future of Recovery. Learn the three unique features of Thriving: Recover Your Life and how they develop missing brain skills, healing and community for people in recovery. Presentations are designed to answer your questions about Thriving and the Restarting unit - or present Thriving to your leadership.

  • The Future of Recovery 21 min.
  • Overview of Restarting 15 min.
  • Group announcement for promoting Restarting 90 seconds
  • The secret of Belonging (the second module in Thriving) 5 min.