Munchies: Volume 24

Munchies: Volume 24

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Narcissism is a bigger problem in families, leadership and culture than most of us realize. If you are one of those who has begun to realize the pain of dealing with narcissism in others, or even in yourself, you are about to hear a most amazing series of nine lessons by Dr. Wilder. Neuroscience shows us that narcissism is an inability or refusal to feel shame.

Scripture has a large amount to say about glory and shame. Those who refuse to feel shame are called "stiff necked" in scripture - those who will not hang their heads. They are described as self-justified and son'’s of belial. Stories of many stiff-necked people like King Saul and entire societies addressed by Moses and the prophets fill the scriptures as the Bible talks about what we now call narcissism. God describes living with narcissists as like being in briars, thorns and scorpions or like eating one another.

There is no simple procedure to deal with narcissism because it requires character and God's Spirit in us to withstand without becoming self-justified ourselves. Wilder outlines the three levels of narcissism from scripture, the two patterns of expression that often alternate generations and God's amazing way out of narcissism and its influence. You are not going to find this teaching anywhere else. This is a series you are going to be telling people about for a long time. Order several copies.

Recordings on this CD:

Glory, Shame, Self-justification and Narcissism  
--Part 1 31 min.
--Part 2 36 min.
--Part 3 41 min.
--Part 4 37 min.
--Part 5 44 min.
--Part 6 45 min.
--Part 7 42 min.
--Part 8 46 min.
--Part 9 48 min.

(6+ hours of teaching 2011)