The Pandora Problem Companion Guide

The Pandora Problem Companion Guide

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Narcissism. Most groups have it. That box in the middle of the room no one wants to acknowledge let alone lift the lid on.

“Better not say anything,” they say. “Been there, done that. We’ll just pretend it’s not an issue, and maybe it will go away.” Or, to the extreme: “It’s hopeless. Incurable. The only solution is to cut the narcissist out of our life.”

Have you lifted a relational lid that unleashed all manner of unpleasantries at you? Did you slam that lid closed and vow never to open it again? If that box is a narcissist in your life, you’ve probably been told it’s a hopeless case – that you should secure the padlock on the lid and drop it on the side of the road.

But there is a solution. There is Hope.

The Pandora Problem and its companion guide together provide a tool for you and your group to use to pry up the lid with the grace of Jesus and bring hope for transformation into your situation.

This companion guide works chapter by chapter through The Pandora Problem with content questions, group discussion questions, and group exercises. It is arranged to be compatible and flexible for many group needs.

Each chapter has two offered tracks: Intermediate and Beginner. The Intermediate study reads through the whole book in-depth. The Beginner study features sections from each chapter for those who wish to go more slowly.

As you work through this study, you will learn how to face the narcissism in yourself and in others, to open the lid on Pandora’s Box and free the Hope that was trapped inside.

Barbara Moon is a small group leader, prayer minister, mentor, and blogger in the Atlanta area. She has known Dr. Jim Wilder for over 25 years and attributes her ministry to the mentoring received from him. Barbara is the author of more than ten books that focus on helping others grow Joy-Filled Relationships. She especially enjoys helping parents of teens. As the mother of four and grandmother to eleven, Barbara has plenty of experience from which to draw. You can find her other books and blogs on

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