Forming is a fresh, live-giving approach to spiritual growth and restoration that may be very different from what you have tried before. What makes Forming unique is that instead of relying on your willpower and self-effort to bring about change in your life, we help you build a relationship with God that is vibrant enough to change you from the inside out.

Forming consists of twelve 90-minute sessions, each with a particular focus intended to jump-start your spiritual life and help you develop greater intimacy with God.

Here is a note we received in August 2015 from a course facilitator: “Our last class was today and it was bittersweet.  There was such excitement and enthusiasm about what was learned and experienced in this course.  The progression of group participation going deeper and more personal to the point of sharing fresh conversations with God was too awesome to describe.  We hated to part and go our own ways for the fall. David is a hero to us and highly regarded by the ladies in our group.”
— Linda, Jupiter, FL

See our 2-1/2 minute YouTube video! -- Invitation to Forming