Forming Participant Workbook

Forming Participant Workbook

  • $24.95

Forming is designed to help people move away from performance-driven efforts to live the Christian life and demonstrates how to develop a relationship with God that has enough substance to change us from the inside out.

The Forming Student Workbook contains all of the session introductions, presentations notes, and exercises needed to help the participant fully experience what Forming has to offer. It also has many relevant articles on spiritual development as well as personal articles from the author about the material.

In the Forming Student Workbook you will receive the following: Outline notes on all twelve sessions, supporting articles, exercises to be done during the sessions, and worksheets for participants to use during the week for their personal exercises. This 174-page workbook leads the participant into a personal thought provoking experience of how the course is changing their life. Forming is one of the entry points for the Thriving: Recover Your Life program, an innovative and comprehensive training program for people who want to learn the skills to help themselves and others experience recovery, deepen their relationship with God and learn relational brain skills that will change their relationships with God and others.

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