Joy Starts Here: The Transformation Zone

Joy Starts Here: The Transformation Zone

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Joy! From the moment we’re born we search for it but always seem to come away empty. What is it? How can we get it? Is it even possible? 

Authors E. James Wilder, Ed M. Khouri, Chris M. Coursey, and Shelia D. Sutton take us through the exciting steps of finally being able to find real joy in our lives. Real joy is attainable; it is able to be grown and cultivated. When real joy is found, it can change families, schools, churches, and the world. 
Arguably the most important book written on this topic, this could be the beginning of a joyful revolution, a new way of life for us all. Joy Starts Here!

>NEW< Access the free webinar recording where the authors discuss the book and some intriguing reasons they wrote (like to help people begin to recognize narcissism in the church and how to deal with it). Click this link to watch now:

The book includes 9 weekly Bible studies, assessments, joy-building activities, and group exercises. 263 pages. Are you ready for the transformation zone? Read this groundbreaking book as part of a study group.

Joy means we are glad to be together. Smiles appear and people's faces light up. Joy, when shared, produces strong bonds and loving relationships. The painful absence of joy leaves us disconnected, dry, even depressed. We crave joy for our relationships. When your group builds joy, transformation happens!

“This book offers a shortcut to transformation by showing us ways to cooperate with how the brain is wired to run best on joy. Emotional maturity is at our doorstep through skills practiced in everyday life.”

-Jan Johnson D.Min., Speaker and author of 20 books including Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice: Experiments in Spiritual Transformation with Dallas Willard.

“What a powerful reality unfolds in these chapters for Spiritual Formation to Christlikeness! One can only hope every pastor in America gets this book in their hands and applies it forthrightly.”
-George Ackron, Director for Renovator Ministries

“Dr. Wilder and colleagues have created a densely packed, multi-disciplinary wealth of information built from their own experiences in counseling, teaching, and addiction. Their premise that joy is primarily experienced through relationships and essential to a healthy life is backed by scientific research. This book sheds light on how and why joy is lost, the variety of things we try and substitute for it, and how best to get the joy back. This is a valuable resource.”
-David I. Levy MD, Neurosurgeon and author of Gray Matter

"I absolutely love Joy Starts Here. It is so much easier to teach than the Life Model or any of the other classes because the terminology instantly makes sense to people. It unfolds like a map of how to live like Jesus taught - in joy and shalom during the storms of life."
-Bev Jordan

 Joy Starts Here: The Transformation Zone now! We recommend this book as a group study, or better yet for your entire church to use in their small groups.

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