Thinking with God Seminar

Thinking with God Seminar

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Dr. Jim Wilder's four most recent keynotes expounding each of the four domains of neurotheology are now available. These video presentations are the foundational theory of the Life Model and were recently recorded at the Thinking with God Seminar.

Watch the presentations covering fast track attachment, slow track cognitive, somatic/body, and group levels of organization.

  • Thinking Faster than Conscious Thought
  • Conscious Thinking with God
  • Thinking Slower than Conscious Thought
  • Thinking with Group Mind

Each of the four sessions includes a focus on the strengths, weaknesses, traditional practices, neuroscience, a brief illustrative exercise, and resource recommendations.

The fifth video presentation now available includes commentary from four distinguished colleagues sharing their professional insights on Dr. Wilder's keynotes.

  • Rev. William Watson
  • Rev. Bill Bjoraker, Ph.D.
  • Beth Booram
  • Bernard Franklin, Ph.D

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**You will have unlimited access to the video recordings of the seminar and there is no time limit on the videos being available.

**This purchase gives you and the members of your household access; usage is restricted otherwise.


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