Munchies: Volume 10

Munchies: Volume 10

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This volume together with volume 12 examine how memory, the brain and emotional healing intersect. What does God ask us to remember to prevent trauma or recover from being terrified. The answers may surprise you.

Recordings on this CD: (Listen to a Sample)

Memory, Healing, and Synchronization  
Finding God in Both Memory Systems 53 min.
Awareness of God in the Human Brain 27 min.
-Memory 1 The Books of Moses 52 min.
-Memory 2 Wisdom Books 46 min.
-Memory 3 New Testament 53 min.
-Peace and Synchronization 1 44 min.
-Peace and Synchronization 2 54 min.
-Peace and Synchronization 3 50 min.

(6.3 hours of teaching 2007)