Munchies: Volume 15

Munchies: Volume 15

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Munchies Vol. 15 Behold!

When God says "Behold!" is means "Pay attention! Something quite remarkable is going on!" Jim Wilder gives us a tour of the Bible "Beholds!" An unusual number of these surprises have to do with food. Take a listen and you won't end up at the bottom of the food chain. As a bonus, Wilder finishes up these almost 9 hours of teaching with new twists on some of the Bible's most unusual stories.


Recordings on this CD:

Part 1 Old Testament 56 min.
Part 2 New Testament 50 min.
Part 3 New Food 42 min.
Part 4 Predators a 53 min.
Part 5 Predators b 30 min.
Part 6 Good Food 51 min.
Part 7 Ordinary Light 49 min.
Part 8 When God is hard to find 44 min.
Unusual Bible Stories  
Part 1 Peter Paul Caligula 48 min.
Part 2 The Sower 52 min.
Part 3 Peter and Jonah 52 min.

(over 8 1/2 hours of teaching 2008)