Munchies: Volume 16

Munchies: Volume 16

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Secular thinkers have pointed to raising hopeful girls as the strongest factor in cultural progress and Christianity as a major reason for hopeful girls. Wilder deals with an obvious thought in scripture -– that God has a lot to say about how women and children are treated. In particular, God says that being hated while you are married is about the worst evil in the world. In this series, Wilder draws on his cross-cultural experience to show how cultures influence biblical interpretations. Lessons also touch on the founding of the temple, how looking good now can burn you forever - even in heaven, church discipline, and how we handle legitimate complaints we have about others.

Recordings on this CD:

Divorce 48 min.
Three or Four Things 45 min.
A Woman Hated 62 min.
Like Burn Victims 39 min.
Jebusite Prophesy  
--Part 1 53 min.
--Part 2 46 min
Matt 18 Why Bring People? 41 min.
I Have a Complaint 46 min.


(6.3 hours of teaching 2008)