Munchies: Volume 18

Munchies: Volume 18

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The Bible uses the natural world around us to illustrate complex interactions and relationships between God, creation and us. Wild animals, families and flowers are some of the frequently mentioned symbols in the Bible. Lions, tigers, bears, jackals and night owls all have stories that teach us to see God and the way we live more clearly. In the middle of the series, Wilder looks at men and women through the daily Jewish prayer that includes "“Blessed are you, Lord, our God, ruler the universe who has not created me a woman,"” that may have inspired Paul to write Galatians 3:23ff.

Recordings on this CD:

Munchies Vol. 18 Wild Animals  
Wild Animals Part 1 39 min.
Wild Animals Part 2 37 min.
Wild Animals Part 3 36 min.
Blessing and the Law 40 min.
Spiritual Family 48 min
Flowers 35 min.

(4 hours of teaching 2009)