Munchies: Volume 2

Munchies: Volume 2

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How do you deal with the poor, the addicted, the abusers, the codependent, panhandlers or the man on the corner with the homeless sign? A wise response depends on whether they are fools or not. Few people have ever thought about the destructive effects of helping fools or why God forbids helping fools. Both Testaments have much to say that can save you grief.

Recordings on this CD: (Listen to a sample)

Fools: How to recognize and deal with them   
--Fools part 1 Blind fools! 36 min.
--Fools part 2 Silliness is good for you  61 min.
--Fools part 3 Winking the eye 61 min.
--Fools part 4 People who want your money 65 min.
--Fools part 5 A fool's characteristic effects 65 min.
--Fools part 6 Sacrifice of fools 57 min
--Fools part 7 New Testament fool words 1 65 min.
--Fools part 8 New Testament fool words 2 57 min.
--Fools part 9 New Testament fool words 3 72 min.


(9 hours of teaching 2005)