Munchies: Volume 21

Munchies: Volume 21

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The "greatest commandment"” contains the startling revelation that our heart and soul love differently and separately. "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and strength." Here is practical teaching about what that means across scripture and how to strengthen both your heart and soul. The series concludes with two lessons about comfort and how that is important to normal development, the brain and to the "“God of all comfort."”

Recordings on this CD:


Heart and Soul  
--Part 1 32 min.
--Part 2 40 min.
--Part 3 27 min.
--Part 4 39 min.
--Part 5 38 min.
--Part 6 39 min
God of Comfort part 1 40 min.
God of Comfort part 2 43 min.


(5 hours of teaching 2010)