Munchies: Volume 22

Munchies: Volume 22

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Are your thoughts and decisions often influenced by your fears? God never guides His children through fear! Wilder uses four separate groups of Bible stories to examine our guidance system: 1) Stories where we are told that people acted out of fear - starting with the first one where Adam and Eve were afraid and they hid. 2) Times when people did not let fear win and God approved their actions. 3) Times that God said, "Fear not!" 4) Times God used fear to guide His enemies to pay attention. After you hear this "no fear" series you will want everyone you know to hear it too!

Recordings on this CD:

Munchies Vol. 22 No Fear  
Fear and guidance Part 1 35 min.
Fear and guidance Part 2 22 min.
Fear and guidance Part 3 37 min.
Fear and guidance Part 4 39 min.
Fear and guidance Part 5 27 min
Fear and guidance Part 6 29 min.

(3 hours of teaching 2010)