Job and New Wine (Munchies: Volume 23 - MP3 Download)

Job and New Wine (Munchies: Volume 23 - MP3 Download)

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Munchies Vol 23 Job and New Wine

Muslims, Jews, and Christians all consider Job to be one of the greatest men who ever lived - but have you ever heard why? Most studies of Job focus on his sufferings but the amazing life Job lived came before the suffering started. We should know why God pointed out Job from among all the people on the earth. Without the help of the Bible, Koran or Torah Job changed the world around himself in a most unusual and personal way leaving us lessons about creating belonging, maturity, and integrity.

Wilder follows this series with another on becoming a spiritual family called New Wine - why it will tear your existing family if you do not understand the new wineskins in Jesus' parable. Follow this series to its unexpected conclusion.

by Dr. Jim Wilder

--Part 1 34 min.
--Part 2 32 min.
--Part 3 34 min.
--Part 4 38 min.
New Wine  
--Part 1 39 min.
--Part 2 39 min.
--Part 3 46 min.
--Part 4 41 min.

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(5 hours of teaching 2011)