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Munchies --- Kingdom Snacks

"A fresh perspective" does not begin to describe the Munchies series of lessons by Life Model author Jim Wilder. Munch on stories you have heard many times--but not the way Jim teaches them. You will enjoy his wonderful mix of Bible teaching and brain science. You will be introduced to practical neurotheology. Jim delights in finding difficult passages in Scripture and making them obvious and practical. The Life Model view of maturity will change forever the way you see your life, family and church. You will want to give copies to your friends and maybe enemies as well.

These talks were recorded live in the Challengers' Sunday School Class at PazNaz in Pasadena California where Jim talks about whatever is on his mind each week. This class of senior adults demands orthodoxy while looking for new nourishment each week. Now you can take a serving with you.

Preview any lesson with a six minute-long sample of the subject before you order. Recordings are listed by topic and arranged so that you can easily see what CD volume they are bundled with for MP3 CD sales. Listen to samples from the lessons, purchase the downloads or order the CDs.

Selected lessons with major significance are available in single serving size on a conventional CD disk that will play on any CD player.

These Life Model lessons by Jim Wilder introduce practical neurotheology, explain difficult passages in Scripture and bring the Life Model challenge for maturity into family and church life. You will see new ways to apply old truths and want to give copies to your friends and church.

Collections on CD

Each of these lesson series on the Life Model applications is available as a full collection on one CD in MP3 format. This MP3 format allows for as many as ten hours of lessons to be recorded on one CD. If you had to purchase these lessons on individual CDs you would pay almost $50 for a series of ten lessons. We sell each set of lessons for only $15.00.

Note: The MP3 format will not play in many older CD players but will play in almost any computer or DVD player as well and CD players rated for MP3.

JIMTalks are teachings formerly known as Munchies.